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Stone Age Tools: In 2014 I started to find Stone age tools relating to
Neanderthal peoples. Pre-history concerns the period of time from
mans first appearance until writing began. Religious sites such as
Stonehenge and many others around the world such as in South
America and Africa., seem to use stone such as quartz or flint. In the
UK where I live, the beaches were strewn with the stone and this
opened out my research into the creation. The quartz stone has a high
sound resonance attached to it. Due probably to its iron content. If you
click two pieces together the stone rings like a bell. In physics and
science sound frequency has many connotations that go with that
phenomena, not least of which is by changing the frequency of an
object then the object change shape and gain higher dimensional
properties. We as Human beings are energy cells and likewise have a
sound frequency. By cleansing our physical and spiritual selves we
can heighten our frequency. The Hebrew Torah as a DNA blueprint,
demonstrates how to do that by living in accordance with nature as
proscribed in its teachings. What we eat and how we live for example.
By awakening and seeking the truth in a world that has been
assaulted by and evil agenda that has much power and control
throughout the infrastructure of the creation. We are being dumbed
down, our DNA and intellects are attacked daily by demonic peoples
involved with the Jesuit, Nazi masonic government system that has
hijacked all things good, and that were created.

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George Hobbs Graphics
George Hobbs Graphics
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